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About Jym Line Glassware Ltd

Jym Line Glassware is Atlantic Canada's Premier custom decorator of Glassware, Ceramic, Growlers and Bottles  Established in 1969, Jym Line Glassware has been custom decorating for over 45 years.  Jym Line Glassware has the ability to create custom decoration on as little as 1 product to several Hundred thousand pieces.  We range from simple coffee mugs, elegant wine glasses, beer glasses, beer mugs water glasses, liquor glassware.  Jym Line has branched out into custom decorated water bottles in both Stainless steel and plastic. Please feel free to browse our site and take a look at our specials as well

Jym Line Glassware also provides custom decoration  on supplied wine bottles, liquor bottle, Growlers and preserve jars.  If need be Jym Line Glassware can provide suppliers of blank bottles or assist in the purchase and sell a complete package.  Jym Line has the ability to custom decorate any cylindrical product available.

The Process

All of Jym Line Glassware's glass and ceramics are custom decorated using frit based inks.  After the screen printing process has been completed, the glassware or ceramics are processed through our glass firing lehr (Tunnel Kiln).  They are heated up to approximately 1120 degrees F where the frit based inks become soft, the glaze on the ceramics becomes soft, the glassware also becomes soft.  As they cool the image is fused into the product,  this is also know as Paperless labels or Ceramic labelling.

Our Mission

  • At Jym Line Glassware we strive to offer the best possible customer service, quality and pricing.  Your satisfaction is our guarantee.



Utilize your logo on glassware to create a silent pour line or add a town name to creat a lasting souvenir.  Create a program where you can buy the beverage and keep the glass, opportunities are endless