Simulated Etch Printing

Also known as acid etch imprinting is a viable option from actual laser engraving or sand blasting but giving the appearance. This is a very prestigious look without the added cost. This format of printing is considered the same as a one color print and as always for our custom decorated glassware and ceramics it is permanently fired at 1120f. For ceramics this will give you the appearance of tone on tone printing for a very classy and subtle look.

Decal Application

Glass and ceramic fire decals are a slightly different process that direct screening. For glassware and ceramics we still use a frit based ink and fire at 1120f however the initial print process is different. Each color is screen printed on a special release paper and finally cover coated using a lacquer coating. The decal once printed is soaked in water where it is released from the special paper and then hand applied to the product. Once it has been applied to the product it is then fired in our tunnel kiln. At 200f the lacquer coating is burned off leaving the ink attached to the item for the firing process. We utilize this process for extremely tight registration multi-color production runs as well as multiple items with the same print design. There will be no noticeable difference to the wear of the product and typically we do not inform the client which way we will decorate in house to avoid confusion.

Direct Screen Printing

Is utilizing our semi-automatic printing machines to direct screen the frit based ink onto the ceramic or glass item. Similar to the manner in which textiles are decorated but as always with our Glass and ceramic inks we fire those products in our glass decorating tunnel kiln at 1120f to fuse the ink to the product.

Laser Engraving - Nucleation

Jym line glassware has the ability to in house laser the bottom of glassware to create a nucleation point. This allows the glassware to constantly release carbonation creating a continous head. The head retention allows the flavors to be trapped in the beverage as well as releasing the aroamas. With the laser it also allws Jym line to deep laser in multiple assortments of items such as wood products including tap handles, coasters, bottle openers and cutting boards.

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