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Welcome to Jym line Glassware's Retail Priced website.  We are Atlantic Canada's only custom decorator of Glassware, Ceramic's, Bottles and Growlers.

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Jym Line Glassware is Atlantic Canada's Premier custom decorator of Glassware, Ceramic, stainless and plastic drink ware.  Established in 1969, Jym Line Glassware has been custom decorating for over 40 years.  Jym Line Glassware has the ability to create custom decoration on as little as 1 product to several Hundred thousand pieces.  We range from simple coffee mugs, elegant Wine Glasses, Beer Glasses, Beer Mugs, Water Glasses, Liquor Glassware, Custom Decorated Bottles and Growlers. Please feel free to browse our site and take a look at our specials as well

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A production run of ceramic coffee mugs awaiting being loaded in our tunnel kiln to have the image permanantly fired into the product at 1120 degrees faranheit.