Q: Can Jym Line personalize the items?
A: To personalize in a single color the cost associated would be 7.52c. minimums to personalize are 72 units

Q: What is the minimum size order Jym line will do?
A: Our Minimum order is 72 units, however if you would like less, we can do so for a less than minimum charge of $125.25c. Please try to keep orders to case lot quantities.

Q: Do you charge a set-up fee?
A: No, we do not charge a separate set-up fee. Our set-ups are currently included in the cost of the item.

Q: Is there a cost for a second side imprint?
A: No, Jym Line Glassware does not charge a second side imprint cost unless the order is produced in glass firing decal format.

Q: Is there an art charge if I do not supply camera-ready art?
A: Yes, there would be a $80.00c per hour art charge to create electronic art that will also be sent back to you the client to use in the future minimum 1 hour charge.

Q: What is your standard delivery time?
A: Typical orders are processed through the factory. For simple one-colour prints it will take two weeks from placement of order to ship. For multi-colour or more complicated prints it will take 3-4 weeks from placement of order to ship. (Subject to Art approval)

Q: Can you provide a RUSH service?
A: Yes, we can provide RUSH services at a cost of $125.00g per colour. Please contact the factory directly to see if we can accommodate the time line required for your RUSH order.

Q: What if we want something that is not a standard item listed in your catalogue or on your website?
A: For the item you request it may take 4-6 weeks from placement of the order depending on our suppliers inventory. Some items may be trademarked and therefore not available to us.

Q: Can you do 4-Colour Process?
A: Four colour process is a photographic reproduction utilizing a series of half tones. Please email a copy of the image for individual pricing and delivery times. Please note for lower quantities this is an expensive process.

Q: Do you provide samples and proofs?
A: Yes, we can provide a pre-production sample at a cost of $90.00c per colour. Virtual samples are a courtesy at no charge from Jym Line Glassware upon receipt of an order.

Q: Can you produce a metalic gold or silver as a color?
A: Yes, we use a 22k gold and a platinum for silver. There is an additionall cost of $2.20(g) per side(For a standard coverage). Art would need to be supplied to determine is an excessive amount is required. Hand Guilded gold rims on most products are available at a cost of $2.20(g)

Q: Can Pantone colors be matched?
A: PMS numbers are used as a reference only(due to the nature of ceramic inks is such that exact PMS color matching cannot be guaranteed). The charge for color matching is $125.00 (c). Ceramic inks are somewhat transparent; the results will vary depending upon color of the item imprinted. Please consult Jym Line with questions pertaining to imprinting on dark colored and glass items.

Q: Is there a Guarantee for permanance of decoration?
A: At Jym line Glassware, glassware, ceramic and porcelain items imprinted with glass colours are kiln-fired at up to 1140 Fahrenheit, making the imprints long-lasting and safe with reasonable home or office use. With all imprinted items, avoid the use of caustic chemicals, harsh detergents, abrasive cleaners, and commercial dishwashers that can lead to premature fading and damage to the imprint. All ceramic colours are of the best quality available and are high-fired for durability. However, colours cannot be guaranteed against dishwasher fading due to handling and washing conditions beyond our control. We recommend hand washing with a mild soap for all imprinted ware. Please note: No guarantee or warranty on colour permanence is offered or implied. Please advise your customer accordingly. In addition, Jym Line Glassware does not guarantee or imply a warranty on any imprinted ware intended for hotel, restaurant, or other institutional or commercial use.


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